Complete landscape maintenance

Lawn care
Green, healthy, precisely mown and edged –the perfect lawn! Most lawns improve considerably with regular mowing and improved irrigation. If your lawn looks tired, we can rejuvenate it with our aeration, dethatching and fertilizing services (see below). We can mulch the clippings into the lawn (which helps retain moisture in summer and adds nutrients), or we can remove the clippings.
Shrub and small tree care
We trim your shrubs and small trees to enhance their shape and encourage healthy growth. For flowering shrubs, we prune at the optimum time to promote better flowering.
We clean up and remove the leaves, branches and debris left by wind and weather.
Weekly or bi-weekly service
Additional services, on request or as needed
Fertilizing / Organic Tea Spraying
All landscapes benefit from a regular program of fertilizing for lawns, shrubs and trees. Good horticultural practices create healthy plants, which typically have fewer harmful insects. Organic tea spraying helps produce plants that are more resistant to insect and disease problems and more resistant to extremes in temperature and moisture.
Dethatching / Aeration / Weed control
Dethatching and aeration give your lawn the air and water and it needs to be green and vigorous. Our weed control program helps eliminate undesirable weeds.
Colorful seasonal flowers
Let us know your color and plant preferences, and we’ll suggest seasonal flowers to bring color to your landscape.
Irrigation services
We provide expert repair and installation for sprinkler systems, including drip irrigation.


“Isaac is reliable, professional and friendly. We have been highly satisfied with his work. He has also helped with our sprinkler system, has done extra clean-up work and hauling for us.”

Bill and Jeane Eichert,
El Macero, CA